I have recurring lumps in my breasts. What should I do?
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December 6, 2016

I have recurring lumps in my breasts. What should I do?

From a female blog reader:

Am an avid follower of your page,i comment regularly as well.
Am a very chubby girl,as such comes with having big boobs and ass.
My mum/elderly ones told me when I was growing up that when boys touch your breast it gets bigger in size,growing up with that mentality at puberty stage I never allowed boys touch my boobs when making out 😑😑
It irritates me a lot when guys touch my breasts.Not really been in a serious relationships but I can’t tell if that’s going to be a problem.
Sometime last year I went for breast surgery(lumps)and about 24 was removed(wasn’t cancerous),I really suffered and took me a while before I got over the bitter feeling.
Recently like 4-3 months ago I’ve been noticing another lump on my boobs again 😢😢
I can’t take it anymore, I can’t beat the thought of going through another surgery as the first one lasted for about 7-8 hours😒😒.I’ve reported to my doctor,he says I can come when am ready but if I don’t feel like removing it I should leave it.
I told myself I can’t do this again,but whenever I touch my boobs I feel pained,they’re massive and noticeable,the marks from the first one haven’t healed yet.I cry silently most times, its affecting me psychologically. I have prayed but I guess some things r not spiritually handled.
I don’t want a boobs full of razor mark, am just 21,can any man Still love,cherish and exploit me with all these troubles???😢😢
Doctors in the house is there any medication or cream I can use to melt it?


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