I felt ashamed to be dating a very much younger man, girl laments after shocking discovery
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March 16, 2017

I felt ashamed to be dating a very much younger man, girl laments after shocking discovery

From a female blog reader:

I’m a follower and I commend your work here.Good bless you. And please notify me once this is posted,thanks. I’m 26 years old and presently serving my dear nation,I haven’t really been a relationship person because of what have been through in the past but sometimes last year I met and fell in love with a guy who was serving in my school while I was in my final year,few weeks to the relationship I got to know he’s 3years younger than me it was a difficult and painful shock because I’m not the type that believe in settling down with a younger man but we talked it through and I decided to see him as the man in the relationship which I did well and even I introduced him to my elder sister and also told her about the age difference,she invited him over and asked few questions,she told me it’s not much of a big deal but I should be calm and let things work,this relationship has changed me a lot,communication is perfect,we pray together,talk about the future and he’s really a matured guy. To cut this short,I got the shocker of my life yesterday,he’s just been offered admission to start his masters degree program at one of the Nigerian universities which is also the town I’m serving so after his registration processes he called to tell me he’s coming over to my friend’s house because that’s where I stay for now,while we were talking I saw his bio data form on the bed only for me to pick it up and saw his actual DOB,this guy is actually 5years younger,he looks way older than that,far more matured than his age. I confronted him instantly and he started begging saying he lied because he didn’t wanna loose me. I feel betrayed,I’m ashamed of myself,so have been dating a guy I’m older than with 5years. I truly love this guy and he’s really a great lover,he knows everything about me and I don’t even know where to start from. He’s been calling,I told him it’s over but my heart can’t let him go,please I need advice from matured minds. Thanks


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