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May 12, 2017

How I ended up sleeping with my fiance’s younger brother, lady recounts

How I ended up sleeping with my fiance's younger brother, lady recountsFrom a female blog reader:

Keep me anonymous…. I have this pressing problem dayts about to ruin my relationship…..in 2013..one sweet guy in my church was asking me out,but he’s just a little boy..unfortunately. I resumed school and found out he is my school mate..I was in 400level,and he was just in 200level I had pride,so I declined his request…I had a major heart break…and I nided someone to b dia so i cud heal fast..so I was friends with him…for two weeks,we made out twice.. ..everytyn was going on well,was beginning to like him..then he just called one day and said we shud break up,I shud stop spreading his name in the hostel I was amazed bkos the only person I told about him was my bonkie..well I explained to him..Nd he said I shud just go my way….my world was shattered… I still tried to hold on,but if I call or send him a msg he would insult me,he is very rude…I moved on totally..on graduating Nd going back home,I met someone..OMG…he’s Gods sent,he loves me to a fault,we ve. Been dating for like 2years Nd I love him too..he’s perfect..Nd now oga dat abandoned me is coming back..begging and humiliating me with apologies.. but I can’t go back….D problem now is dat they stay togeda..I never knew..now am been treathened by D first guy…M present bf just proposed to me..so scared he Wud find out I dated D other guy soon,for they ain’t related my bf has been staying with them eversince he was 9..very confused,shud I call it off,or shud I tell my bf everytyn,Wud he accept me knowing his kid bro has slept with me..confused

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