December 23, 2016

I cheated on my man and now this is happening to me…

I cheated on my man and now this is happening to me...

From a female blog reader:

Good day break or make up…. Please keep my identity anonymous. I am in desperate need of help. Here is my story I am a 22 year old female, was in a serious relationship but I ruined it when I cheated on him. It broke him so much when I told him about it. Truth is distance got to me. We are miles and miles apart. I felt lonely and needed some form of physical intimacy. I know there is no justification whatsoever for my actions and I am truly sorry for my actions. Thing is after telling him, I cut all form of contact with the other guy but after some time, he came around and we began talking again for a very short period of time but nothing happened. This was my stupid mistake again. To cut the long story short, my boyfriend still wants us to continue with the relationship but he said it’s a long shot and isn’t really expecting much. I am really sorry for the hurt and pain he feels. I have no peace of mind ever since this whole thing started, I cnt focus on my studies. I sleep alot and rely on anxiety pills to help me stay calm. He nolonger calls(I dnt expect him to). I call all the time, send him messages just to assure him I am bent on making us work because he says he is willing to go on if I am still interested. But the more I call and try it seems harder. I am almost hooked on these pills and broke. I find myself crying after every phone call. Truth is, I am full of regret and guilt. What can I do to get over this? Please help me post this.


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