February 19, 2017

I am not a liar-Lai

I am not a liar-Lai


The spokesman as well as Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed has come out to challenge his critics, claiming he has never told a lie since he was appointed Minister in President Buhari’s cabinet.

He claims he was not prepared for the attacks and vituperation that has been fed him since he became Minister, saying all he has done was to promote the good work of the government, not tell lies. In his words:
     ”I challenge these people and I say fault me on facts, and not on emotions. Most of the things you see are purely emotional. Many of them believe that, because I played such a major role in the downfall of PDP, no matter what I do, they would criticize it.

”I want them to criticise me fairly. I want them to be objective; I’m ready to take them on.’

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