“How my husband turned me into a lesbian”

"How my husband turned me into a lesbian"

From a female blog reader:

Dying slowly in this mistake of a marriage I got myself into,I really loved this man but he is very wicked and heartless. How can my own husband ask me to be sleeping with different girls in the name of adventure, he likes 3some a lot and can’t have sex with me alone without involving other women. Every time I will be battling with different strangers and body type, I have begged him to at least choose one person but he says the fun of it is different people. Am really tired of sleeping with different women I don’t know, if I complain he will get upset and beat me up. He has turned me to a lesbian, and I hate myself for allowing marriage turn me to who am not all because I want to stay in it. Please I need help am really dying and hate myself for this . Help me . Tired of sleeping with different women cause of my husband .