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September 16, 2016

How do I make my kids to feed themselves? Married blog reader asks

How do I make my kids to feed themselves? Married blog reader asks

From a female blog reader:

I must say you are doing a great job, pls post I need urgent comment to my issue.
This is no relationship issue but then I am practically going sick and lean.
I have a 4 years old daughter and a 2years and 8 month old son,they both don’t eat without you spoon feeding them.

My daughter goes to school and bring back her food just as it was dished and will still be breathing I wonder how,my son eats but my daughter has made him to stop so now I have the spoon feed both of them always,if I give them food to eat by themselves, God I have giving the ground the food automatically cos they eat 1spoon and scatter the rest on the ground,I have giving them all sort of multivitamin and still I have to feed them even when they are critically hungry. my question is how do I make them eat by themselves without feeding them because am expecting my 3rd child 7month gone already and the fear of having to feed the 3 of them at a time is really making me scared,cos when we eat I have to feed myself with one hand feed them with the other hand but in some months time they will be 3 so I have to breastfeed ,then feed myself and the 2 with just 2 hands oo.
Pls mothers how do u handle this kind of situation biko anonymous oo.

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