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January 13, 2017

His side chic who is a good cook is threatening our relationship

His side chic who is a good cook is threatening our relationship

From a female blog reader:

Am a single mother, am 26 years and am self employed. For past three years that have had my baby I didn’t go into any relationship cause I just want to be focus with my baby and my career. Last year I decided to give it a try by accepting to go into relationship with this guy I met on a social network. Note: my first date on social network.
He calls me regularly we talk for hours, text me every morning. This went on for over a month…then we fix a date and it all started. He told me he as no other girl since his past relationship which is over 7months. I didn’t tell him I av a child but he find out and told me it doesn’t matter, I should av told him.He Used his elder sis who was a single mother and happily married in d UK now as an example. He also told me about his past…he had a baby and he lost d baby. His baby mother left him cus he was still working and schooling then. Now to the main issue, I was just going through he’s IPhone den I just went to his WhatsApp that was where I found out he has another chick. I confronted him he told me he’s not dating the girl again but he don’t know how to tell the lady he’s over cause it’s not good. He said with time it will be over. I kept quiet and overlooked d issue cus in their chat d lady was accusing him of not having her time, reading all her chat and not replying. This time around I checked his Samsung phone I found out this lady came to his house and cook for him. I remembered d last time I cooked indomie and egg it got burnt but he ate it and said he ate it because of d luv he has for me. Since then av not cooked for him not that I can’t cook very well but he won’t accept he would rather cook claiming he don’t want to stress me. When I saw d girl was in his house to cook I was upset. I didn’t let him Know I saw their chat reason is DAT in d chat he was replying the girl as if d girl was nothing and d girl said I know ur heart is not with me but I won’t give up. I told him I dreamt d girl I read her chat on ur phone d last time came to dz house and cook for you .

He didn’t deny it he said yes but I waste the food.He said ok u can cook if u want to now. The last time he asked me to cook for him I didn’t cook. I had to text him when he told me his almost home that I didn’t cook anything.he was not upset but he said it jokingly dat he sees am afraid to cook. I didn’t cook cus am thinking what if d food isn’t delicious than hers, won’t he compare it to each other dou am a very good cook but don’t KNW if she’s good than me. Now I need matured minds to advise me, could it be true he’s no longer dating d girl and she came to cook for him? Should I just over look that and cook for him again and are u sure this guy truly love me from all that av said? what can I do to save my relationship with him cause I love him. Please advise me. 

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