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August 26, 2016

His beard is holding me back from marrying him – lady laments

His beard is holding me back from marrying him - lady laments

From a female blog reader:

Please I need help.
I have dated my boyfriend for 2 years now and he just started growing beard last year, but I must say I have never been comfortable with it. The way he uses the Beard is annoying, during sex when he is kissing he will use this beard to be scratching my face in the name of kissing, lsometimes I will be chewing hair and it’s really inching. Is it when he is giving me a head,o God this man will use this beard to injure my clit. To make matters worse if am not shaved yet it will be bia bia to bia bia. I will cry after sex. At some point I told him I don’t like kissing and head anymore he should just penetrate let me rest, but he will refuse and say he wants to make his woman happy and be injuring me. So I had to complain to him openly but he said he will never shave for any reason,so I had no choice than to ignore him. Now the problem is that he has proposed to me,is this enough for me to turn him down? Can I endure this in marriage ? How do I make him shave ? Please advise is needed.

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