“Her elder brother wants to marry my cousin”

"Her elder brother wants to marry my cousin"

From a male blog reader:

This is not a Make up story nor a movie script but indeed a tru life story. For the very first time in my life, I felt how loving someone could be so sweet… Devoting your life to a single lady and how good it is . For over two years now, have been going out with this girl, and she made me a better person, so many bad things I use to do had stopped because of her. Infact , her presence in my life made me closer to a better man but den , a BUT came in… 7months after weg got dating, I got to knw her elder brother is dating my distance cousin which we share different surname. I decided to tlk to her elder brother about it and he was like its not gonna work between us because he started dating my cousin first n dat my gf should call it off… Hes claiming dat since hes gonna marry my distance cousin , it doesn’t Mk sense for me to marry his sister. My part of d family sees noting wrong in it but he kept on insisting dat my gf should break up with me… My gf is not ready to leave, am not ready to leave , the brother is not in support , my distance cousin doesn’t care about it and dis issue kps making a loud noise in dre family… Ryt now i don’t knw wat to do..