Help, I Don’t Want To Lose Him – Confused Girlfriend

The experience was sent in by a reader. Kindly read and make your suggestions:

Am dying,am no more myself,I don’t even know what else to do. Am having
an exam in few weeks time but I cannot settle down to read,I just cannot
calm myself/my mind down to read coz I cannot concentrate.

been in love once through out my life. I felt how hard it is for one to
let go of that special one so,since then I hardly give into love. But
fortunately for me,I fell in love with a….I would call him a Special

Truth be told…at first I went there for the money,I went
there with the intention of going to spend his money but,things changed
totally when I got deeply involved with the said guy to the extent that I
forgot what took me there. I fell deeply for him to the extent that
nothing else matters if not his presence. I could not help it,I could
not control the feelings of him anymore. I just needed his
presence,wanneth him to be with me always,I never cared if he was rich
or poor all I wanted was him,just him and him alone. We got along very
well,everything was moving smoothly until our r/ship hit the rock and
everything came crashing. It happened early January and till date am yet
to recover from it.

Guys?? I broke his trust. I broke his trust
in the sense that I said things that I wasn’t supposed to say about him.
I would say he never did anything bad/offend me,he never did. If asked
why I did what I did I cannot say a word,I cannot explain why. No reason
at all. You guys know how ladies jist…Amebo things,lol. We were two
and was just talking,the said lady was my friend. She said alotta things
about him,I did too but,she recorded just what I said and went ahead to
play it for him. That was how it all started. I could not defend myself
coz he heard just my voice,he couldn’t give me the chance to explain
coz he heard just my voice. He was disappointed at me according to him. I
knew deep inside me that he don’t deserve what I did to him. I broke
the trust he had for me coz he never expected such from me. I kept
pleading vai text mssgs,whatsaqq even twitter,regretting what I did to
him. The heartbreaking part was that,he told me that this thing happened
at the exact time when he was already loving me. God!!

You peeps should help me coz I cannot stand the chance of losing him to
another,I can’t. If I did lose him,I don’t know what would become of me.
Am not a bad girl,I dropped every other guy just for this guy. Why do
bad things happen to good pple. The love I have for this guy is real.
Forget about everything, I want him by my side. I hate it when something
this precious is about leaving me. I hate it when am about losing
someone so dear to my heart coz I cannot help it. See,I don’t know how
am gonna explain this but am not a bad girl,am not the material
type,things of the world don’t freak/move me no matter what. As an
average Nigerian girl that would want everything for herself,am totally
far from being one. Please guys help me,I don’t want to loose
him….Biko nu help me outta this