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January 18, 2017

He wants to marry me but his salary is just…

He wants to marry me but his salary is just...

From a female blog reader:

Hello, please I want you to post my story… There is dis guy I met last year may during the preparation of my Aunty’s wedding, he is also my aunty’s colleague at work.. He is tall and very handsome, I was actually crushing on him at first before he asked me out, I did alot of Shakara before I accepted to date him tho… This guy loves me so much and I love him too.. We’ve started dating when he told me his real age was 32 and I was just 22.. I was confused about the age difference but I decided to play along and d relationship has been working out fine, he is loyal to me, I have the spare key of his house, I av d access to his phone anytime, he gives me most of the things I ask from him even if it is not all… The problem is that this guy is so much in love with me and he is asking me for marriage, he keeps singing d song of marriage to my ears every day he even wants me to come and meet his parents and me am not ready for marriage, am just a 300l Student and besides his salary is very low, collects just 80 thousand naira per month, please advice me, I don’t know if I should break up with him now before is too late… This guy love me so much and I don’t want to hurt.. Please advice me on d easy way out!!! No insults please.. Thanks


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