"He insists he is not responsible for my pregnancy"
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December 17, 2016

"He insists he is not responsible for my pregnancy"

From a female blog reader:

I’m 23 and he’s 29. I’m 7months pregnant for him but he’s making my life miserable. Met him few days after he had come back from the states(dint know abt this), we had sex weeks after n I actually conceived during our 1st intercourse after to medical results. just when I got pregnant I lost mum too.i was a very difficult moment for me. But my bf said he wasn’t ready for a kid but I couldn’t get rid of it at the time because I was mourning my mum.
Months after burying my mum I took a drug to terminate it but dint work..so I go back to the hosp just to find out I was 5months preg for this guy but he still insisted I got rid of it.I refused n then informed my family abt it but since he wasn’t interested he kept insisting I aborted it. we had so many fights, he told me all sort of mean things. One day he called to come see my parents as tradition demands just only to come meet my parents with a non family member(which I dint know), lying and deceiving them that his fam was aware. But afterwards he started keeping me away from his home because his mother had also returned from a trip at that time.so I noticed all he had done n asked him to tell his mum the truth but he refused till one day I went to see his mum to inform her, he was very upset that day. Now after coming to do all the rights the next thing according to tradition is for him to marry me n name the child when the child is born.but he’s now telling me his mum is requesting for a DNA of the child Cox she has doubts. And according to some statements he’s made he actually thinks I intentionally became pregnant for him .I really feel insulted by this, for God’s sake why will I lie abt the father of my child? I’m not a whore secondly. And deducing from his speeches he’s the one feeding his mum with all these..As I lay in my bed now my pillow is soaked with tears, I don’t even understand what’s going on now..I dont know how I ended up like this but this is really killing me inside..Don’t know what to do now.


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