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August 24, 2016

“He dumped me after I opened up and apologized over my lies”

"He dumped me after I opened up and apologized over my lies"

From a female blog reader:

I met a guy in Cotonou (Benin republic)I went there to study but things didn’t go as I planned,(financial issues) I lied to the guy that I was already in school,I didn’t mean to but I had reasons.he’s going to ask then what am I doing in Cotonou.i met him last year I couldn’t just start telling him about my problems.months passed by he asked me out and we started dating.i know he was going to find out about my school issues but I wasn’t planning on telling him.he got to tell me that he knows I lied about everything we even had sometime intimate that day and since then he hasn’t called the only time he texted me was to tell me it’s over after I already apologized to him .i still love him and I don’t know if I shouldn’t give up on him yet please advice me on this,thank you.

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