He doesn’t chat me up, confused lady cries out
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January 30, 2017

He doesn’t chat me up, confused lady cries out

From a female blog reader:

I am 23 there is this guy I meant January last year, he saw my pic together with a friend of my and he told my gf he like me ,my friend told me ask me for my permission for her to give him my num I said ok bcos I was single then time fly will start chatting I fall inlove with him he live in France I live in Canada I fall to deep for in which make me to do a nude video for him without looking back that I have not meant him in person he was so caring then,Dec last year will both agree to go naija so will can see and no our self in person but he attitudes suddenly he can stay a day without hearing from me ,am the only one who always check up on him tho I work am a busy type both I always find time for him,anytime I complain abt him don’t check on me he always say his busy he have not called my number once after I agreed to date him he only call imo call or fb call sometimes maybe I don’t pay my bill on time they cut me off for like 3days he can’t call my line to check what happen to me why am nt online but I over look it ,I don’t care if he have other girls but if only the care he show is enough, but he always say sorry anytime I complained why he don’t call and I forget it ,but the problem is that is too early for this behaviour what if I later get married to him that mean he will not bother to write me, I love him so much have not write him since morning and he don’t bother to write me as well sometimes I see him online but he cnt write me, am really confuse if I should let go of him and focus on my future so the right man can come than me telling all my toasters that am in a serious relationship bcos am nt seeing anything serious here, what paining me is my nude video I sent to him when I was blind with love is making me want to bear, please I need advice am a young lady good looking,good comments please I will learn from it.


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