He doesn’t care for me. Should I date his friend instead?
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January 15, 2017

He doesn’t care for me. Should I date his friend instead?

From a female blog reader:

Please keep me anonymous.. I met dis guy sept last year and we got talking while i was in skool.. We met on ma way out and he asked for my number and days later he sent me a message on WhatsApp.. D connection got all real and den we got really close dat a day can’t go by without we talking and all… He says he has feelings for me, but his not ready for a relationship.. He tells me to wait buh den wen orda pple ask abt me and all, he makes it feel like I’m waiting at my own risk and all.. He doesn’t want to see guys around me or doesn’t want me talking abt feelings wit ani guy..I love dis guy no doubt nd he knows abt it.. D few times we saw, we made out and den i was d one who took care of d bills, I’m not complaining tho.. He doesn’t call nd all I do d calling, he hardliy picks up, I do his sub for him and all.. We saw recently and things got heated up and we had sex. I asked for my stand and he told me, DAT he told me to wait for him and all DAT he ain’t ready.. Rite now iono wat to do, cos I’m having a feeling DAT he alredi got d cookie witot being in a relationship with me so probably tins wouldn’t go more dan aw dey r btwn us.. His frnd his like i shuld jst move on, tho dis frnd likes me nd wants to date me, buh den i’m like u guys are frnds nd all, buh dis frnds his nice nd all. Dis frnd his like I should love masef and not put a whole 100% on him in case tins don’t turn out good and all so it wouldn’t get to me he said all dis b4 we had sex now iono..as wear…iono wat to do anymore..pls help me out of dis dilema..i want to b able to get it all settled b4 going to skool, so i shuld b able to get settled nd hv my mind off him a little…pls I nid real advice on wat to do.. Tnx a lot…


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