He can’t speak fluent English. Should I give him a shot?
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January 29, 2017

He can’t speak fluent English. Should I give him a shot?

From a female blog reader:

I am a famous person in my city.But i’ve a frnd dat repairs phones(alot of pple know him too),he is older sha(i’m 27),he wants me 2b his gf,d sex is very gd,he spends on me,he likes me o,he isnt fluent in english(deal brker),lover of God,dresses well,but his english dey burst my belle,& me on my own i be ITK i like 2 correct pple enh,he can read&write o,plus he jz started uni(i luv dis part of furthering his education,atlst he has plans ),& d 2times we’ve had sex
we’ve had sex is wen he’ll bring luv gist up(wen wil u tell me u luv me?) I knw my toto game is fuego,Told him 2 calm down wit luv biko. My only hope is wen i think of 2face dat didnt go2 school dat time(who english epp). I like him sha,bt d english & phone repairing sth…2 get serious with him or not to??D ones dat can speak english r either broke,disrespectful,lazy,stingy,chop&run etc. Btw I KNW I CAN bring out d beta man in him.. worth it???


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