For refusing to live with him, man brutalizes girlfriend, hangs himself

For refusing to live with him, man brutalizes girlfriend, hangs himself

Immaculate Ncube narrated how her boyfriend, 31-year-old Pious Sibanda from Ngotsha Village, in Madlambuzi Ward, Zimbabwe, commit suicide after trying to kill her.

Immaculate said her deceased boyfriend had earlier accused her of infidelity and urged her to live with him before the incident occurred.

Narrating from a hospital bed at Plumtree District Hospital, she said:

“Pious told me early this month that he wanted to marry me and I told him to approach my family in Lupane. He refused to follow the correct procedure and insisted that I had to move into his home and stay with him and his family without my family’s knowledge.

“I turned down his marriage proposal and asked to be given time to think about the matter. This pissed him off and ever since that day he became violent and abusive as he was constantly beating me up.

“A week before he attacked me, Pious forced me to move into his home and threatened to kill me and commit suicide if I didn’t comply. I complied out of fear but I later moved back to my work place. On Friday morning, Pious came to my work place while I was with my two-year-old daughter and ordered me to go with him to his home and I refused as I was sensing danger.

“(After he attacked her with a log of wood) I was bleeding profusely and I could hardly see but I made my way to a neighbour’s house and they rushed me to Madlambuzi Clinic where I was referred to Plumtree District Hospital. When I got to the hospital, I could not speak or walk and I was in great pain. I later received news that Pious had hanged himself.”

Sibanda was buried on Sunday 30th January 2017 after a herdsman spotted his boy dangling from a tree.