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January 19, 2017

Female dearies, lets talk about "lipdick"

Female dearies, lets talk about "lipdick"

Honestly when I saw this on my IG feed for the first time , I was gagging to death .
Imagining myself having a retouch in a public washroom(that full of ladies queuing too pee) using this kind of lipstick called LIPDICK …and then last night, it was trending as well on my FB timeline .

So, out of curiosity I did my little research.. This sexy lipsticks got a lot of different shades like from pale beige to fire red.. U can choose if u want a matte or shimmery.

Female dearies, lets talk about "lipdick"

But you can only get this from Amazon or some online stores & it’s very affordable..According some beauty bloggers, this is a great presents for bachelorette parties.

So, ladies if this is available in the market near u ,will u get urself some?

For men, will u get ur pretty girls this very slicky & sexy lipstick?

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