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May 1, 2017

How do I break up with my married sugar daddy after he got me a car?

How do I break up with my married sugar daddy after he got me a car?From a female blog reader:

I don’t even know if i need advice or not but I’m stupidly in love with a married man and my only consolation is that he has an expiration date tho he doesn’t know this. So December last year during the Christmas holidays i met the most amazing man ever and i just wanted to have fun. I had just gotten out of a very toxic relationship that same week and it was supposed to be a rebound sex coupled with the fact that he doesnt even live in town and he had less than a week to go back so i thought it was the perfect no strings attached kinda fun,you know the ‘innit boys’ that came to 9ja to deceive Lagos girls but i didnt mind as me sef didn’t carry mat,worst decision ever! I spent almost a week with oga out of town and we got hooked,it was the day he was supposed to fly back to his base he told me he was married in the Uk with two kids and I’m like why are you telling me this?i don’t even care,it was just about sex and all na so oga change am for me that i used him with his sweet British accent forming vex o.Nigga you somehow forgot to tell me you were married and now you’re angry cos i truthfully told you i didn’t want anything to do with you.Long story short we’ve been going strong since he went back face timing every minute especially when he’s at work or when wifey isn’t home. He got me a car in march for my birthday i thought he was joking at first but it happened on my birthday morning his cousin called me to wish me a happy and said he was coming by to drop my cake and flowers my man forced him to get and when he came it was a cake and a car,sends me 100k every week. jeez I’m digressing again okay so oga is coming to 9ja in two weeks and i plan to make the best out of it fun and all for both of us but how do i break up with him? I honestly love him but i don’t want to break his marriage. He has a beautiful young 9ja wife o,more beautiful than i am,slay queen on IG o infact i envy her beauty but men sha! It’s hard for me cos I’m madly in love already but i know i must do it and he has started singing to my ear that he’s muslim and can take another wife processing my Uk visa already me i cannot be a second wife to anybody o.please how do i dump him with

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