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September 2, 2016

“DNA test proved another man is my father but mum denies it”

"DNA test proved another man is my father but mum denies it"

From a blog reader:

I’m just gonna cut to the chase on this one. After 32 years I’ve just found out my father is not my real father, he passed 4 years ago however that was the only man I knew as daddy. Recently an older man contacted me via Facebook and said he could be my dad that I look like his younger daughter and he used to date my mother before she got with my late dad. My mother was really young when she had me, possibility she had no clue. So I met with this man at a DNA center, 10 days later the result came out positive- he is my biological father. I confronted my mother about this but she is still denying the possibility despite DNA testing result, she even had a big fight with me that I am trying humiliate her and I am lying the man is lying everybody is lying, DNA is lying too… Well I hate to drag my mother because she was a great mom until this. I have since then cut her off and moved on with my life, she hasn’t called me back or apologized to me either. I talk with my real/new dad daily and he is so nice, I like him more everyday. Question is, what do I do about my Mom,? she is strong headed. I’m the victim here but somehow she’s made herself the victim by shedding a few tears and telling how she invested her whole pocket to give me a good life(true) but now I’m trying to shame her, that’s her lament to family members who are also negligent to the Truth so I cut everybody off. Im still very hurt and angry. Advice please.

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