Dating a pastor seems to be the worst mistake of my life
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January 17, 2017

Dating a pastor seems to be the worst mistake of my life

From a female blog reader:

My name is Abena and a Ghanaian. I have been reading most of your stories and inspired by them.
Never did I know I will have something sad to write this day.
I was introduced to a Nigerian pastor based here in Ghana by my mum.
Apparently my mum has been so good to him so he told my mum he will like to marry someone from her family so she introduced me to him.
We got along nicely and after the second lunch out, he has been trying to sleep with me.
Then I lost a bit of respect for him because he was a man of God and didn’t expect that from him.
He is 42years old and with two kids from his previous marriage.
After some few months of dating he finally got his way to me and we had sex.
I later got pregnant and was hoping we could just settle down and continue with life but yet he never proposed.
He rather told me to hide myself and not to tell my mum. Which wasn’t possible.
He made me terminate the pregnancy.
I was so sad and felt very far from God because I had sinned.
During our time of dating before the pregnancy, i noticed he has been in touch with too many females so I decided to do my investigations.
I noticed he was always asking one lady or the other to come over to his house.
All the sweet talks and loves you and I want you now messages which was really disgusting as a pastor so I tried talking to him.
I studied and came to conclusion that he was a lonely very man.
He changed for a while but not knowing he was only being an opportunist.
I emptied my bank account for him and took care of him but all to no avail.
Today the 15th of January, just two days to his 43rd birthday he told me I wasn’t the kind of woman he asked for from my mum just because I confronted him about a 19yrs old girl he was chasing. Again.
He was rude to my mum on phone and she felt really disappointed and insulted. She doesn’t know about the pregnancy.
I have forgiven this bastard on so many occasions and had hope because I thought he was a servant of God.
I am just scared of what my black demon heart may tell me to do.
Please let’s be careful of men like this.
Please post .
Thanks .


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