Cucumber: Lagos Police arrests man blackmailing ladies with nude photos

Cucumber: Lagos Police arrests man blackmailing ladies with nude photos

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested one Michael Atanda (35) for allegedly threatening to expose the nude pictures of four unnamed ladies, should they fail to pay a ransom to him.

The suspect, an ex-convict, had already collected the sum of N121,000 but continued threatening the victims before he was reported and nabbed by police.

The father of three disguised himself on Facebook and bore a name “Segun Bayo” while reaching out to his victims.

Atanda said in his confessional statement:

“The profile picture on my Facebook account is that of a guy based in London, and so as part of my introductions to ladies, I tell them that, I am a Construction Engineer as well as that my parents and I am living Europe…. After sometime, I would lure them into sexual conversations during which, I persuaded them to send their nude pictures to me. They would send and I would send mine to them too.
“Before that I would pretended that I was seeking a serious relationship with them, and that very soon, I would be coming to Abuja on a business trip, during which I would see them…. I would again feign my seriousness by calling them with the aid of computer software that transforms my Nigerian line into an international line. Meanwhile, I would warn them that I was calling through a public phone booth.

“As soon as they have sent their nude pictures, I would come up with all manners of stories. I would begin to extort and blackmail them. Through this means, I have collected over N121, 000:00 from my latest victims.”

“I was jailed last years in a similarly circumstance after fraudulently collecting N700, 000:00 from a lady I met through a dating site. I was eventually bailed but the case is still pending in court…. I have collected only 10,000:00 from Funmilola, Motunrayo N6,000:00, Janet, N5,000:00 and Lizzy N100,000:00”