Buhari could not pass WAEC – Junaid Mohammed

Buhari could not pass WAEC - Junaid Mohammed

Former lawmaker and popular critic of president Muhammadu Buhari, Junaid Mohammed, has lashed out to the Nigerian leader once again.

Mohammed was reacting to accusations that his spite for Buhari was borne out of jealousy for not receiving any appointment in the 74-year-old’s government.

His words:

“I have learnt to live with the malicious rumour anytime I say something substantive about somebody in government. When they have no response, they come up with such mundane arguments. I am not in politics and I know the limitations it places on you. I was never a member of the NPN, I did not expect Shagari to give me any appointment and none was offered. I was a member of the House of Representatives from 1979 to 1983 and in 1983, I won again to represent my people. Even if I was offered, it would have been very stupid of me to leave my representation of the people of Kano to take up such an appointment.

“Besides, I am eminently qualified to aspire for any office in the land by educational achievement and experience in public life and certainly more qualified than Buhari who could not pass school certificate. And up till today, he has not been able to convince Nigerians that he was able to pass school certificate. He has chosen to take the country on a judicial merry go round putting the case on and off until his term expires but the schools he attended are there and if they could not attest that he passed his school certificate, I don’t know how he can confirm that in a court of law. Frankly speaking, any leader who could be so mediocre as to fail his school certificate ought not to have been trusted by the people of Nigeria with such an awesome responsibility as that of the office of the President. I will not accept any offer of appointment from this government and thankfully, none has been offered.”