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September 2, 2016

Ambode: Lagos has acquired farms in Osun, other states for rice production

Ambode: Lagos has acquired farms in Osun, other states for rice production
Governor Akinwunmi Ambode on Thursday stated that the Lagos State government has acquired land from other states which will be used for agriculture.

A statement released by Ambode’s SSA on Food Security Sanni Okanlawon, revealed that the state has procured “500 hectares in Ogun state for rice cultivation, 50 hectares in Abuja and 50 hectares in Osun for palm oil plantation” as well as discussing conditions for getting “2000 hectares of land for the use of farmers” in Oyo. The state is also planning to release its own brand of locally produced rice, “Lake Rice” by December 2016.

Sanni said in the statment:

“We have MoU with those farmers that whatever is their farm produce, they bring it to Lagos for sale and that is how to achieve food security and we are also preparing for the raining day, with this unrest going on everywhere; pipeline bombing, boko haram doing their own there, we may be faced with issue of scarcity in Lagos because we are not insulated, we are actually vulnerable so we must be doing something to mitigate it, so these are what we are doing to mitigate it to ensure food security.

“That is the collaboration between Kebbi state and Lagos state and private investors, we start from that by the time we start, other investors will come in to the rice value chain and other commodity value chain.”

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