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December 9, 2016

All men should be gay, at least for one night – Tom Ford

All men should be gay, at least for one night - Tom Ford

Popular gay designer, Tom Ford, has insisted in his 2004 statement where he suggested that all men born of a woman should have his rear penetrated at least for once. Ford was speaking during his interview for the latest version of GQ Men’s Magazine.

According to Tom Ford,

“Yes, all men should be penetrated at some point.

“I think it would help them understand women. It’s such a vulnerable position to be in, and it’s such a passive position to be in.

“And there’s such an invasion, in a way, that even if it’s consensual, it’s just very personal.

“And I think there’s a psyche that happens because of it that makes you understand and appreciate what women go through their whole life, because it’s not just sexual, it’s a complete setup of the way the world works, that one sex has the ability to literally—and is expected to and is wanted to—but also there’s an invasion.

“And I think that that’s something most men do not understand at all.”


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