March 13, 2017

Actor Leo Mezie: I stand with Apostle Suleman

Actor Leo Mezie: I stand with Apostle Suleman

Actor Leo Mezie who received an 8 million naira donation from embattled Omega Fire Ministries pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, during his kidney ailment battle, has sided the clergyman in his recent social media scandal.

Canada stripper Stephanie Otobo who claimed she was impregnated by the pastor is seeking 500 million naira from Suleman who claims he never met her physically.

Mezie, now healed, came to the defence of Suleman as he wrote on social media today:

“I have been reading different stories from different medium on apostle Sulaiman and one Stephenie Otobo and the different comments. Some people were even saying why will apostle send money to someone he has never met. My heart bleeds because apostle Sulaiman never met me before he helped me. I have never heard of him or met him before and immediately he heard my story he verified it and contacted me. This is a man I have never seen or heard of and he sent me 8million to settle my medical bills in UK. He was also constantly checking on me and even sent members of his church in UK to always check up on me ,Pastor Ejiro and Pastor Daniella Williams to mention but a few. Immediately , I returned I went to see him to thank him. So saying why must he send money to someone he hasn’t seen doesn’t make sense. Note, The apostle Sulaiman I know and I’ve met several times doesn’t travel alone he goes with a large entourage any where he goes in the word. Secondly, Apostle Sulaiman is so proud of his family and his wife in particular is a sermon in his mouth, thirdly, apostle Sulaiman maybe friendly and extremely jovial but will never ever take indecent pictures of himself or with anybody as this Stephenie Otobo is claiming. Fourthly, his generosity and act of giving will not kill him or put him in trouble not one million Stephenie otobos will stop him because it is his call to service. I Leo mezie is a benefactor of it! Finally, I will rather not curse Stephenie Otobo but I will pray for her that the good lord will show her mercy in Jesus name Amen. “


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